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Live your best life!

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 Imago Vitality

Over 20 years of experience helping people reach their health goals to live life to the fullest!

We specialize in assisting mature adults to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to live their best lives.


Online Classes

Choose from a variety of programs with different focuses. 

We offer classes in:

  • Balance Training

  • Exercise for Osteoporosis

  • Sit Fit

  • Hip and Knee Strengthening

  • Core Strengthening 

  • Bellyfit Sage

Senior Physiotherapy

Personal Training

Get a customized exercise plan specific to your needs. Work one-on-one with a trainer or choose the Self-Motivated program.   

Videos on Demand

Prerecorded classes are available for rent or for sale. Follow along with your favourite class on your own time.

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