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Portrait of smiling senior woman exercis

"The instructor is simply outstanding with very clear instructions."

"Meghan is always friendly, encouraging, supportive, good humored, and really is an expert in the kind of exercises we need."

"An excellent workout at my level. 20 out of 20! A wonderful experience."


Online classes

Join people just like you working toward getting stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Exercise for Osteoporosis

Safe and effective exercises for building strength and maintaining bone with special attention paid to posture.

Sit Fit

A fantastic full-body exercise program done primarily from a seated position.

Balance Training

A variety of exercise modalities are used to improve balance, posture, and strength.


Bellyfit Sage

  A holistic fusion of fitness, bellydance and yoga designed for mature women.

hips and knees blue.png

Focus on

Hips and Knees

Great for before or after replacement surgery or for those hoping to avoid surgery.

core yellow.png

Core on the Floor

Exercises focussed on strengthening the muscles of the torso (core). Includes work done on the floor. 

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