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Private Personal Training sessions

Your trainer will start with a comprehensive review of your current health, challenges, goals, and activity preferences. This allows us to provide you with an exercise program that is designed just for you.  Together you will work one-on-one to ensure that your program is appropriate, effective, safe, and fun!

Virtual Personal Training sessions

Receive the same high-quality program and instruction over the internet.  This is a great option for those concerned with having someone enter their home, for health reasons or otherwise.  Virtual training also eliminates missed appointments due to weather, illness, or travel, permitting consistency in your exercise routine. This option also allows you to experience the benefits of a personal trainer at a reduced cost. 


What are the advantages of working with a trainer every week?

Not only will your trainer make certain that your form and posture are correct, but they can modify your program on the spot to suit your daily energy levels and any issues you may be experiencing on that day. In addition, your trainer will be able to utilize a variety of exercises to keep your workouts fresh and recognize when you are ready to progress to a new level.

How often will the sessions be scheduled?

The National Council on Aging recommends 2 strength training sessions per week. However, there are many factors to be considered when making this decision. You can discuss this with your trainer and come up with a schedule that works for you.

Where will the sessions take place?

All of our personal training services are offered in your own home.  No need to travel to another location, we will come to you!  Virtual programs at this time are offered through Zoom. 

Who will supply the equipment?

You will be resposible for providing your own equipment. Your trainer can develop a program to incorporate equipment you already own or can assist you to source out anything you will need. 

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