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Self-Motivated Program

A customized exercise program and video for you to follow on your own. But don't worry, you won't be alone. Your trainer will be there to support you every step of the way!

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How it works

After a thorough health history has been taken, a program will be designed that is specific to you. Your trainer will then go over this program with you, explaining why the exercises were chosen and how to perform them properly. 

Next, your trainer will observe your performance of the exercises to ensure that you have proper form and make any changes that are necessary. At this point, a video will be produced for you to follow on your own.  

Regular check-ins with your trainer will allow you to ask questions and resolve any issues you may have encountered. If you wish, you may also receive weekly reminders and motivation through text. 

After approximately 6 - 8 weeks, you and your trainer will evaluate your progress and determine if it is time to produce a new video.  

Advantages of the Self-Motivated Program

This program is designed for people who are self-disciplined and have a varying schedule. Following a video made specifically for you gives you the benefits of a personal trainer and the flexibility to exercise when it is convenient for you.  

Your video can also be downloaded to your computer allowing you access to your program even when you don't have connection to the Internet. 

Lastly, the Self-Motivated program offers significant cost savings for anyone who wants to work with a trainer but is on a limited budget. 

Virtual personal training

2x per week for 8 weeks

Self-Motivated Program


 = $720

 - $250


 = $470

At $250 per video, the Self-Motivated program represents a savings of over 65% of the cost of working one-on-one with a trainer. Even if you only use the video for 6 weeks you're still saving over 50%. You will get a high-quality program designed just for you and support from a trainer, for a greatly reduced price. 

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