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See what people are saying about our classes and personal training!

“I LOVE Meghan’s workouts, I feel like my whole body has been stretched.  Meghan is always ready to show us how to modify the moves if we have any specific challenges. I highly recommend her business.”

“The instructor is clearly well trained. She is knowledgeable and able to manage and cope with various levels of ability in participants, enabling all to improve within their competency levels. Also, patient and cheerful!”

“Meghan is very knowledgeable. She makes the class very interesting, always introducing new exercises.  She is personable and kind. I’m always looking forward to her next class.”

“Meghan puts a great effort into making her online exercise classes fun and yet challenging. She uses movements that make you use your body and your mind. She is aware of the need to focus on correct posture and to encourage being in balance while exercising. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, and I find that I have benefitted from being in her classes. Thanks Meghan!”

“Meghan is patient and adapts the program to what I can try and do. Her smile is great, and I love her little stories.”

“I’m sorry when I miss it as it is one of the joys of my week!"

“I do enjoy your classes. It is obvious that you put a lot of thought into the exercises and so we get wonderful variety every week.”

“Hi Meg:

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate your online classes.  My wife is in a wheelchair and I was just taking the classes to support my wife, but I found the classes are very enjoyable and beneficial. I think you do a great job demonstrating the exercises and showing variations for standings and sitting and for different levels of fitness.  


Thanks again.”

“An excellent instructor, knowledgeable, patient, and helpful to all participants.”

“Meghan is always friendly and smiling. A pleasure to be with.”

“Meghan has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years. Since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic our biweekly sessions have been conducted using the Zoom platform. These sessions are designed to address my health issues and changes are implemented to take into account changes in my day-to-day condition.


I found Meghan to always be well prepared, punctual, a good communicator, and supportive of my requirements.”


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