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Meghan has been working as a trainer and fitness instructor in the Newmarket area since 2010 serving clients with conditions such as spina bifida, Parkinson's, depression, polymyalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis, aphasia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, COPD, stroke, and more.


Functional Training Certification, 2021, SCW Fitness Education


Exercise and Arthritis, 2020, Human Kinetics


Exercise for Knee and Hip Replacement 2019, Human Kinetics

Medical Terminology, 2018, Gale course

Stress Resiliency, 2018, CanFitPro

Fitness for Breath, 2017, The Lung Association

Aphasia Workshop, 2016, Mackenzie Health

Balance Training, 2015, Human Kinetics

Bone Fit Training, 2015, Osteoporosis Canada

T.I.M.E. (Together In Movement and Exercise) Instructor Training, 2015, Mackenzie Health,

(Exercise program for individuals with Neurological conditions)

Water in Motion Instructor Certification, 2013, SCW Fitness Education

Bellyfit Instructor Certification, 2012, Bellyfit International

Crisis Intervention, 2011, Town of Newmarket

Diet and Nutrition, 2011, CanFitPro

Older Adult Exercise Specialist, 2010, CanFitPro

Personal Training Specialist, 2009, CanFitPro

Shiatsu Therapy Diploma Course, 1997-1999, Shiatsu School of Canada

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